The best postpartum underwear for new mums

The best postpartum underwear for new mums

Becoming a new mum can feel like a rollercoaster, both physically and emotionally. From breast pumps, nappies, bibs and baby wipes, it can seem like there’s an endless list of things to buy when you become a parent.

As you embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood, it's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of caring for your precious bundle of joy. Your body has gone through incredible changes, and your mind and emotions are navigating uncharted territories. 

By looking after yourself, you are better equipped to handle the challenges and joys that come with being a mum.

Maternity underwear for postpartum recovery

During postpartum recovery, comfort is key. You want super stretchy, full coverage undies that are soft, breathable and, of course, leak-proof to catch any postpartum bleeding.

Love Luna LBL Maternity Briefs are like a gentle, loving hug for your postpartum body. Crafted with soft and stretchy fabric and a sleek criss-cross under the tummy waistband, they provide the best level of comfort during those sensitive days after childbirth.

5 benefits of Love Luna LBL maternity briefs

Designed for postpartum perfection

Postpartum bodies need special care and consideration, and that's precisely what Love Luna LBL Maternity Briefs deliver. With their high-waisted design, these briefs provide gentle support to your post-baby belly, offering the comfort and confidence you deserve as you recover and heal.

Unmatched protection and leak-resistance

Leakages are a common concern for new mums, but fret not, because Love Luna has got you covered – quite literally! These LBL maternity briefs are equipped with advanced leak-resistant technology to keep you feeling dry and secure throughout the day.

Breathability and freshness

We know healing after childbirth can be sweaty and uncomfortable. Our maternity briefs come to the rescue with their breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring you stay fresh and cool even during the busiest of days.

Stylish and sensible

Who said postpartum underwear couldn't be stylish? Love Luna has broken the barriers by offering a range of chic designs and colours. Embrace your newfound motherhood with confidence and flair. You deserve to feel fabulous inside and out.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

As a new mum, you understand the importance of protecting the planet for the future generations. Our period briefs are environmentally friendly, made with sustainable materials, and they can be reused, reducing waste and saving you money.

So, to all the new mums out there - as you navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood, let the Love Luna LBL Maternity Briefs be your trusted companion, supporting you through every cough, laugh, sneeze and lift. Embrace comfort, confidence, and sustainability, all wrapped in one fabulous pair of undies.

Remember, you deserve the best, and Love Luna is here to provide just that. Here’s to motherhood, and here's to looking after yourself in this beautiful journey!