In 2017, a couple of women with many years of design experience in the underwear industry noticed a growing desire for reusable and sustainable sanitary products.
We looked around and saw that the market for disposable products was HUGE. We felt really concerned about how much waste this was generating. But there were very few options for reusable leakage products. And what was available was really expensive!

So we decided that something had to change. We set out to create leakage products that ticked all the boxes: sustainable, affordable and comfortable. To this day, these remain our core values. We created high quality period briefs and light bladder leakage briefs at everyday low prices. We know that the more people switch to reusable leakage products, the less waste there will be for our planet. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and are excited to bring more products to market in the future.


At Love Luna, we are committed to creating products that are good for our planet. Our goal is to provide sustainable alternatives to your everyday sanitary disposables. For this purpose, we have created our comprehensive range of menstrual and light bladder leakage products.

We embarked on this journey in 2017; a journey that aims to reduce the pointless and destructive use of plastics. These plastics clog up our oceans and lands, causing endless harm to humans, animals, marine life and our planet as a whole.

Love Luna is committed to changing habits in a personal care industry that does not do enough to reduce plastic pollution or the use of potentially harmful chemicals. We’ve carefully developed our current range of eco essentials and will continue to bring to market personal care products that promise maximum effectiveness, minimum cost and the most benefit for our planet.

We aim to be a part of a world where we can put ourselves AND the planet first. Protection doesn’t have to cost the earth!