We're backing International Women's Day 2023...are you?

We're backing International Women's Day 2023...are you?

What is International Women's Day?

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on 8 March to recognise the achievements of women around the world and to raise awareness about gender equality. It provides an opportunity for people to shine a light on issues affecting women and girls, such as access to education, equal pay and gender-based violence.

This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity. Equality and equity are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference.

The IWD website defines equality and equity as follows:

Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities.

Equity recognises that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

Individuals come from different places and backgrounds and it’s crucial that when we talk about equality, we also ensure equity is part of the conversation.

Why IWD is still important in 2023

International Women's Day is an important day that serves as a reminder of the progress made towards achieving gender equality, and the work still to be done. It’s an opportunity to celebrate women's achievements, recognise their contributions to society, and highlight the issues that still need addressing for us to live in a world where everyone has equal opportunities.
IWD began in 1911, and while we’ve made huge strides towards equality and a gender-equal world in recent years, there’s still much more to be done. By continuing to celebrate women’s achievements, educating others, calling for positive change and fundraising for female-focused charities, we can build a better future for our female descendants.

Six women that inspire us

Women have always been a source of inspiration, especially here at Love Luna UK.
They are strong, resilient, and determined individuals who have made great contributions to society. From the Suffragettes who fought for women's rights to the female astronauts who explored space, women have always been trailblazers. 
So, we want to share with you just a handful of the amazing women that continue to inspire us, every day.

1. Catherine, Princess of Wales (@princeandprincessofwales)
The Princess of Wales has always shown her dedication and hard work for important causes, charities and more. Having worked with organisations helping to shed light on maternal mental health, early years progress and supporting individuals and organisations working to inspire the next generation of young girls, she certainly makes the cut for our top five inspirational women.

2. Alex Scott MBE (@alexscott2)
Football Focus presenter and ex-England footballer, Alex Scott has been a key individual in the fight for female equality, especially in female football, to be taken more seriously and given the same opportunities as the male teams. Her work has helped many young women and girls feel comfortable in their own skin and to chase their dreams, no matter what, and she will continue to make a huge impact.

3. Katie Piper OBE (@katiepiper_)
Katie Piper has often spoken about female empowerment and mental health, and has her own charity - The Katie Piper foundation – that works to help survivors of burns and scars. Katie often speaks openly about anxiety and other mental health problems and works with many organisations and TV shows to spread awareness.

4. Megan Jayne Crabbe (@meganjaynecrabbe)
Megan Jayne Crabbe is an author, blogger and influencer with over 1.2 million Instagram followers. Her account and work is dedicated to female empowerment and body positivity. Having recovered from an eating disorder, Megan has been using her voice to share her own journey to recovery and to encourage others to embrace their bodies, no matter what society tells them.

5. Giovanna Fletcher (@missgifletcher)
Giovanna Fletcher is an actress, author and podcaster and founder of Happy Mum Happy Baby, a community that works towards building a more honest narrative about parenthood, to encourage and show parents they’re not alone in their struggles. She’s also a patron of Coppafeel! - an organisation working to spread awareness of breast cancer and the signs to look out for.

6. Davina McCall (@davinamccall)
Davina McCall has been an advocate for feminism and equality throughout her long career and has been a key voice in breaking down the stigma surrounding menopause. Having been through the menopause herself, she’s openly shared her own journey across her social media and attended talks as a key speaker on the topic to spread awareness and show other women they’re not alone.